Invitation to the group exhibition EIGHT

Joanna Fieldes, Helen Back, Georgia Glass, Sam Foley, Lesleigh Dunn, JK Reed, Kelvin McMillan, Katherine Garbutt

Saturday,12noon-2pm, 22nd June 2013

The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery,

2 Dowling Street,



New Zealand

ph. 03 474 1111

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Franklin Arts Festival in Pukekohe, Auckland

“It was a great feeling to be presented with 1st prize in the Printmaking section for my variable print, 8/10, 'Meat in the Middle', 2019, (SOLD), at the recently held Franklin Arts Festival in Pukekohe, Auckland.”

Meat Middle

Intersect 11 May - 22 June 2019

INTERSECT Exhibition of new works by the left-field artists - Papakura Art Gallery, 10 Averill St, Papakura. Phone (09) 297 7510