About Face

From 19 February the Papakura Art Gallery will host some of New Zealand’s most recognised artists in an exhibition that takes a look at the art of portraiture.

The range of styles and artists approaches to portraiture About Face is as diverse as the artists included, but the one consistent is that all the artists are looking beyond the physical appearance and into the emotional state, and other aspects of a personality.


The title About Face was carefully selected because of its double meaning to the Papakura community which has a long military tradition as it was once the home of the New Zealand Army. The term About Face is a military command which instructs a 180 degree turn as well as being a clear reference to the idea that a portrait represents more than just a face but if you view it from a different perspective the work provides you with more information.

The exhibition includes work by Martin Ball,Octavia Cook, Jacqueline Fahey,Joanna Fieldes,Gavin Hurley,Damien Kurth, Mary McIntyre,Sam Mitchell, Zarahn Southon, Sally Tagg, Ann Verdcourt, Haihui Wang and Tracey Williams.

The curator of the exhibition, Rhoda Fowler, says: “I have been waiting for some time for the opportunity to invite these fantastic artists to exhibit in Papakura. Now that the Papakura Art Gallery has been upgraded I am looking forward to seeing more exhibitions of this standard being brought to the community.”

What: About Face: aspects of portraiture - group exhibition

Where: Papakura Art Gallery

When: Opening 10.30am – 12pm, Saturday 19 February, Exhibition 19 February – 2 April.

Gallery hours: Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 2pm

Franklin Arts Festival in Pukekohe, Auckland

“It was a great feeling to be presented with 1st prize in the Printmaking section for my variable print, 8/10, 'Meat in the Middle', 2019, (SOLD), at the recently held Franklin Arts Festival in Pukekohe, Auckland.”

Meat Middle

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