Food for Thought 2004

The paintings are filled with bi-cultural symbols, and reflect on the colonial past with Christian references and animals and jugs in missionary attire and indigenous Maori costume. There is a large degree of satire and parody within the works. Animals such as sheep, takahi, kiwi, and roosters offer social commentary on human behaviour, by playing out social roles, pecking order and acting like sheep. Rather than passing judgment, Joanna Fieldes offers up New Zealand's ambiguous history on a platter, as food for thought.

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Franklin Arts Festival in Pukekohe, Auckland

“It was a great feeling to be presented with 1st prize in the Printmaking section for my variable print, 8/10, 'Meat in the Middle', 2019, (SOLD), at the recently held Franklin Arts Festival in Pukekohe, Auckland.”

Meat Middle

Intersect 11 May - 22 June 2019

INTERSECT Exhibition of new works by the left-field artists - Papakura Art Gallery, 10 Averill St, Papakura. Phone (09) 297 7510